Friday, February 12, 2010

Watch Out for Flying Pigs!

Ok… don’t panic but I’m about to tell you something truly terrifying. You must do your best to refrain from screaming, tearing out your hair or jumping off the nearest bridge. Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Ok…. It’s snowing in Atlanta.

Ok! Ok! We all just need to stay calm. Getting hysterical will help no one. Although, since it is snowing in Atlanta, perhaps you might want to watch the sky for flying pigs…

In all truth, snow in Atlanta is a big deal. This never happens. Oh sure there might be some flurries here and some flurries there in the north GA “mountains” but all in all snow just doesn’t happen here. People don’t know how to respond so they panic. I’m not kidding you either. Any readers from northern climates are probably shaking your head mystified. But when there is so much as the threat of freezing rain people leave work early, schools close and there is a run on gas, bread and milk. (Ok, bread and milk maybe, but gas? What are they going to do, try and outrun the snow?) That is just for the threat of freezing rain. Actual snow came down, and not just a few flakes either but it came down in earnest. In Covington (where I live) there is around 3” currently and it’s still snowing.

Getting to work was no problem this morning. Atlanta is notorious for its bad traffic, but the ride to work was smooth and easy. There were no cars on the road. In fact, it was kind of eerie. There was definitely a sense of waiting for the shoe to drop. The guys were all extra chatty and excited. They reminded me of birds before a storm, all huddled together chirping in a tree. Only the guys were huddled around the food I put out and not in a tree. I hit the grocery stores before the snow, and subsequent panic, ensued. By the time I got out, the snow was really coming down. That is when the first waves of panic settled on the city. Traffic back from the grocery stores was a snarled mess. After putting up the groceries, one of the brothers informed me that traffic was really bad and I could totally hang out there until traffic calmed down. Yeah… not happening, although, the brotherly impulse was sweet. Traffic was an even worse snarled mess on the way home and it took me two hours rather than one. I got home safe and sound (I was nearly creamed by a large black truck that clearly wasn’t paying attention). I did get to throw snow at the dog and watch him hop around in it like a really big, awkward bunny. Tyler, my hubby, is working late tonight. I currently am sitting in his office wasting time on the internet in hopes to hurry them along. The roads are only getting worse and Tyler has never driven on snow (Let alone 3+ inches of slushy, snowy ice). I decided that I would take him home in our SUV. So, hopefully we will get home safely so we can enjoy the bottle of vodka and the grapefruit juice I purchased when I went out to forage for dinner (everything but McDonalds and Popeye’s was closed). If we do get home safely, then tomorrow I can post the recipe I’d planned to give you today (I can’t do it currently as my computer and all of my recipes are at home).

Happy Snow Day!

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