Monday, November 30, 2009

Frat Boyism of the Week (Nov 30)

Now just to get this clear, this past weekend was Thanksgiving, the holiday of overeating and gluttony (and all that other junk like family and being thankful). I’m fairly sure the boys all went home and stuffed themselves silly with turkey and all the fixings. Please keep this in mind for what I’m about to tell you. I fixed the usual amount of grilled cheese sandwiches this morning, two of those really huge Sunbeam loaves. You know, the ones that say they’re 2 pounds or something like that. Which adds up to around 35 grilled cheese sandwiches. That, with the gallon and a half of soup that I fixed, should have been enough for a normal Monday lunch. But, as I was getting ready to go do the weeks grocery shopping half an hour later, a head poked into my kitchen.

Disembodied Head- “Umm… are there any more sandwiches coming?”
Me- “No, why?”
Disembodied heat- “Because they’re all gone”
Me- “What?!?”

Yes, 35 sandwiches disappeared in 30 minutes. Where did they go? Nobody seems to know. So the mystery of the day is who took all the grilled cheese sandwiches. Did someone decide to take up competitive eating? Are there incredibly large, smart rats that can open and close serving trays (unlike a frat boy who cannot for the life of him figure out how to close the tray and thus keep the food warm) Luckily I had extra bread and cheese, and was able to save the day with more sandwiches.

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